About Us


Lingshou county is located in Hebei Province, at the eastern foot of Taihang. Rich in mineral resources, such as mica, vermiculite, stone, etc., with large reserves and excellent texture.

Our company is close to Beijing Guangzhou railway, Shijiazhuang Taiyuan railway, Shuohuang Railway and Beijing Zhuhai expressway. It is 60 kilometers away from the provincial capital Shijiazhuang, 30 kilometers away from the intersection of Beijing Zhuhai Expressway and more than 300 kilometers away from Tianjin port, with convenient transportation.

Our company has been committed to the development and production of non-metallic minerals.Our products are not only sold all over the country, but also exported to the United States, Japan and South Korea, and have won high praise from the majority of users.

Our Product !

Our company is an enterprise specializing in the production of non-metallic mineral products (formerly known as "Lingshou fine mineral products processing plant"). Covering an area of more than 10000 square meters, it has two mica production lines, one synthetic mica production line, two vermiculite production lines, one colored sand production line and one rock chip production line. The main products are Muscovite powder, phlogopite powder, calcined mica, dehydrated mica, lithium mica, synthetic mica, sericite powder, conductive mica powder, vermiculite, expanded vermiculite, colored sand, glass sand, glass beads, quartz sand, etc.

Our Services

The business tenet of our company is to select materials, finish machining and fine management.

High grade, low price and excellent service are the business strategy of our company.

The trust and support of customers is our biggest driving force. We will work hard to produce every product and service to our customers.

We will work hard to produce every product and service to our customers.