Application of Tourmaline

Application of tourmaline

(1) Building decoration materials

The passive negative ion generating material with tourmaline ultrafine powder as the main component can be compounded with decorative materials in the manufacturing process of architectural coatings, laminate flooring, solid wood flooring, wallpaper and other decorative materials. Through compounding, the negative ion generating material can be attached to the surface of these decorative materials, so that the decorative materials have the functions of releasing hydroxyl negative ions, environmental protection and health care.

(2) Water treatment materials

The spontaneous polarization effect of tourmaline crystal enables it to generate an electrostatic field of 104-107v/m in the range of surface thickness of about tens of microns. Under the action of electrostatic field, water molecules are electrolyzed to generate active molecules ho+, h, o+. The extremely strong interfacial activity makes tourmaline crystals have the function of purifying water sources and improving the natural environment of water bodies.

(3) Crop growth promoting materials

The electrostatic field generated by tourmaline, the weak current around it and the infrared characteristics can increase the soil temperature, promote the movement of ions in the soil, activate the water molecules in the soil, which is conducive to the absorption of water by plants and stimulate the growth of plants.

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4) Gem processing

Tourmaline, which is bright and beautiful, clear and transparent, can be processed into gem.

(5) Tourmaline electret masterbatch for melt blown cloth

Tourmaline electret is a material used in the process of melt blown non-woven fabric electret, which is made of nano tourmaline powder or particles made with its carrier through melt blown method, and is charged into an electret under 5-10kv high voltage by an electrostatic generator to improve fiber filtration efficiency. Because tourmaline has the function of releasing negative ions, it also has antibacterial properties.

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(6) Air pollution treatment materials

The spontaneous polarization effect of tourmaline crystal makes the water molecules around the crystal electrolyze to generate air anion, which has surface activity, reducibility and adsorption. At the same time, tourmaline has a radiation wavelength of 4-14 at room temperature μ m. The performance of far infrared ray with emissivity greater than 0.9 is helpful to purify air and improve environmental quality.

(7) Photocatalytic materials

The surface electricity of tourmaline can make the electronic e-excitation transition on the valence band of light energy to the conduction band, so that the corresponding hole h+ is generated in the valence band. The composite material prepared by combining tourmaline and TiO2 can improve the light absorption efficiency of TiO2, promote TiO2 photocatalysis, and achieve the purpose of efficient degradation.

(8) Medical and health care materials

Tourmaline crystal is widely used in medical treatment and health care because of its characteristics of releasing negative air ions and radiating far-infrared rays. Tourmaline is used in textiles (health underwear, curtains, sofa covers, sleeping pillows and other articles). Its two functions of emitting far-infrared ray and releasing negative ions work together, which can stimulate the activity of human cells and promote human blood circulation and metabolism more than a single function. It is an ideal health functional material.

(10) Functional coating

Because tourmaline has permanent electrode, it can continuously release negative ions. The use of tourmaline in exterior wall coating can prevent the damage of acid rain to buildings; It is used as interior decoration material to purify indoor air: the paint compounded with organosilane resin can be used on medium and high-grade automobiles, which can not only improve the acid resistance and solvent resistance of automobile skin, but also replace waxing. Adding electric stone powder to the hull coating of ocean going vessels can adsorb ions, form monolayers through electrolysis of water, prevent marine organisms from growing on the hull, avoid damage to the marine environment caused by harmful coatings, and enhance the corrosion resistance of the hull.

(11) Electromagnetic shielding material

Tourmaline health products can be widely used in automobile cab, computer operation room, arc operation workshop, substation, game console, TV, microwave oven, electric blanket, telephone, mobile phone and other electromagnetic pollution places to reduce the radiation of electromagnetic pollution to human body. In addition, because of its electromagnetic shielding effect, it has a very important application in the national defense industry.

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(9) Functional ceramics

Adding tourmaline to traditional ceramics will enhance the function of ceramics. For example, tourmaline is used to release negative ions and make melt blown non-woven fabric by radiation melt blowing method, and is charged into electret under 5-10kv high voltage through electrostatic generator to improve fiber filtration efficiency. Because tourmaline has the function of releasing negative ions, it also has antibacterial property. Under the action of far-infrared radiation, phosphate free far-infrared ceramic laundry balls containing tourmaline particles are made to replace various washing powders and detergents, and the dirt on clothes is removed by using the principle of interface activation.

(12) Other uses

Electric stone can be used to prepare anti-bacterial and fresh-keeping packaging materials, such as plastic film, box, packaging paper and carton, and can also be used as additives for toothpaste and cosmetics; Composite tourmaline in electronic equipment and household appliances can eliminate the harmful effects of positive ions. Tourmaline can also be used to make far-infrared radiation composite materials with antibacterial, bactericidal, deodorizing and other functions.