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Vermiculite board is a new type of inorganic material, which uses expanded vermiculite as the main raw material, is mixed with a certain proportion of inorganic binder, and is processed through a series of processes. It has high temperature resistance, fire protection, green environmental protection, heat insulation, sound insulation, Plates containing harmful substances. Non-combustible, non-melting, and high temperature resistant. Because vermiculite board uses expanded vermiculite as the main raw material, inorganic materials have no carbon element and do not burn. Its melting point is 1370 ~ 1400 ℃ , the maximum operating temperature is 1200 ℃ .

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Vermiculite board has excellent impact resistance, high strength and toughness. Good dimensional stability and weather resistance. Excellent resistance to mold and insects. Can be sawed, nailed, planed, drilled, easy to install and construct. Good sound insulation.
Conventional 2400 * 1200 * 15-60mm ; maximum 2500 * 1220 * 100mm . Density of 400-600kg / M3 , also can refer bespoke
Vermiculite board is widely used in construction, shipbuilding, metallurgy, electric power, aerospace and other fields, such as : fire door core; high-grade kitchen utensils, furniture; hull plate; fire exit, ventilation system; commercial banks, libraries, hotels, restaurants , Entertainment venues, senior residences, ordinary residences, etc .; kiln insulation; fireplace insulation; industrial insulation materials. Vermiculite board does not contain asbestos and is a natural, green and environmentally friendly fireproof material .
The fire door with vermiculite board as the door core has the following advantages:
1. Flame retardant, heat insulation and high temperature resistance. After firing at a high temperature for a long time, its integrity can still be maintained.
2. Environmental protection, because it is composed of inorganic materials, it does not contain toxic and substances such as formaldehyde and benzene. Even under high temperature, it does not release toxic and harmful gases.
3. The vermiculite board is a light-weight fireproof material. The light weight of the fire door is low, so the load of the hinge hinge is low, which reduces the wear that may be caused during use, extends the service life of the fire door, and saves maintenance costs.
4. The wooden fire door made of vermiculite board has a smoother surface and no foam.
5. Easy to install. The vermiculite fire door can be designed according to the manufacturer's process and trimmed to the required length during installation to facilitate installation.
6. The fire rating of vermiculite fire door is high. The fire door made with our door core board has been tested abroad, and the maximum fire resistance time is 4 hours.
7. Other applications : Vermiculite slab can be used in furniture, firewalls, ceilings, fire tunnels, steel beam coating, pipeline coating, lining boards in real fire fireplaces, wall partitions, etc.

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