Application of Vermiculite

Application of Vermiculite

1. Vermiculite is used for thermal insulation
Expanded vermiculite has the characteristics of being porous, light weight and high melting point, and is most suitable for high temperature insulation materials ( below 1000 ℃) and fireproof insulation materials. The fifteen-centimeter-thick cement vermiculite board was burned at 1000 ℃ for 4-5 hours, and the temperature on the back was only about 40 ℃. The seven-centimeter thick vermiculite slab was burned at a high temperature of 3000 ℃ for five minutes by a flame-welded flame net . The front side melted, and the back was still not warm by hand. So it surpasses all insulation materials. Such as asbestos and diatomite products.
Vermiculite can be used as thermal insulation materials in high-temperature facilities, such as thermal insulation bricks, thermal insulation boards and thermal insulation caps in the smelting industry. Any equipment that requires thermal insulation can be insulated with vermiculite powder , cement vermiculite products (vermiculite bricks, vermiculite plates, vermiculite pipes, etc.) or asphalt vermiculite products. Such as walls, roofs, cold storages, boilers, steam pipes, liquid pipes, water towers, converter furnaces, heat exchangers, dangerous goods storage, etc.

2.Vermiculite is used for fire retardant coating
Vermiculite is widely used as fire retardant coating for tunnels, bridges, buildings and basements due to its high temperature resistance and thermal insulation properties.

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3. Vermiculite is used for plant cultivation
Because vermiculite powder has good water absorption, air permeability, adsorption, looseness, non hardening and other properties, and it is sterile and non-toxic after high temperature roasting, which is conducive to the rooting and growth of plants. It can be used for planting, seedling raising and cutting of precious flowers and trees, vegetables, fruit trees and grapes, as well as for making flower fertilizer and nutrient soil.

4. Manufacturing for chemical coatings
Vermiculite having a corrosion resistance to acid, of 5% or less of sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, 5% aqueous ammonia, sodium carbonate, anti-corrosive effect. Because of its light weight, looseness, smoothness, large diameter-to-thickness ratio, strong adhesion, and high temperature resistance, it can also be used as a filler in the manufacture of paints (fireproof paints, anti-irritant paints, waterproof paints) to prevent paint Settling and sending product performance.

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5.Vermiculite is used for friction materials
Expanded vermiculite has sheet-like and thermal insulation properties, can be used for friction materials and braking materials, and has excellent performance, non-toxic and harmless, and is a new environmentally friendly material for environmental pollution.

6.Vermiculite is used for hatching
Vermiculite is used to hatch eggs, especially reptile ones. The eggs of all kinds of reptiles, including geckos, snakes, lizards and even turtles, can be hatched in expanded vermiculite, which in most cases must be wetted to maintain humidity. A depression is then formed in the vermiculite, which is large enough to hold reptile eggs and ensure that each egg has enough space to hatch.

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