• Specializing in manufacturing natural external wall rock slice

    Natural rock slice

    Natural rock chips are mostly made of mica, marble and granite, which are crushed, broken, cleaned, graded and packed.

    Natural rock chips have the characteristics of no fading, strong water resistance, strong simulation, good sun and cold resistance, not sticky in heat, not brittle in cold, rich and vivid colors, and strong plasticity. It is the best partner for producing real stone paint and granite paint, and is a new decorative material for interior and exterior wall coatings.

  • Preferential products vermiculite powder

    Vermiculite powder

    Vermiculite powder is made of high quality expanded vermiculite by crushing and screening.

    Main uses: friction material, damping material, noise reduction material, soundproof plaster, fire extinguisher, filter, linoleum, paint, coating, etc.

    The main models are: 20 mesh, 40 mesh, 60 mesh, 100 mesh, 200 mesh, 325 mesh, 600 mesh, etc.

  • Colored stone landscape decoration dyed cobblestone


    The pebbles include natural pebbles and machine-made pebbles. The natural pebbles are taken from the riverbed and are mainly gray, cyan and dark red in color. They are cleaned, screened and sorted. The machine-made pebbles have smooth appearance and wear resistance. At the same time, they can be made into pebbles of various specifications according to different requirements of users. It is widely used in pavement, Park rockery, bonsai filling materials and so on.
    Model: 1-2cm, 2-4cm, 3-5cm, 5-10cm, etc., which can also be customized according to customer requirements.

  • Factory direct sale High Pure Quartz White  Sand

    White sand

    White sand is white sand obtained by crushing and screening dolomite and white marble stone. It is used in buildings, artificial sand fields, children’s amusement parks, golf courses, aquariums and other places.

    Common specifications: 4-6 mesh, 6-10 mesh, 10-20 mesh, 20-40 mesh, 40-80 mesh, 80-120 mesh, etc.

  • Calcined mica (Dehydrated mica)

    Calcined mica (Dehydrated mica)

    Dehydrated mica is the mica produced by calcining natural mica at high temperature, which is also called calcined mica.
    Natural mica of various colors can be dehydrated, and its physical and chemical properties have changed greatly. The most intuitive change is the change of color. For example, natural white mica will show a color system dominated by yellow and red after calcination, and natural biotite will generally show a golden color after calcination.

  • Synthetic mica (fluorophlogopite)

    Synthetic mica (fluorophlogopite)

    Synthetic mica known as fluoro phlogopite . It is made from chemical raw materials through high-temperature melting, cooling and crystallization . Its single-wafer fraction is KMg3 (AlSi3O10) F2 , which belongs to the monoclinic system and is a typical layered silicate.

  • High quality negative ion powder anion powder

    Anion powder

    Negative ion powder is a general term for powder materials that can produce air negative ions. Negative ion powder is usually composed of rare earth elements, electric stone powder and other substances. Some are prepared by mechanochemical compounding of rare earth salt and tourmaline; Some are mainly natural mineral tourmaline, which are prepared by means of ultra-fine grinding, gel coating modification, ion exchange doping and high temperature activation; Some of them are directly extracted and ground from rare earth ore powder or rare earth waste slag.

  • Wholesale high-quality natural tourmaline


    In recent decades, the pursuit of a “better” living environment has resulted in a large number of harmful chemicals, such as beverages, foods, cosmetics, detergents and so on, which contain preservatives or fungicides, eroding the human body and weakening the normal functions of cells or nerves. The development of cutting-edge science and technology will damage the earth’s environment, pollute the atmosphere, water quality and soil, and endanger our survival. One of the substances that can improve the healthy environment is “negative ions”. Tourmaline is not only portable, but also can produce negative ions. Tourmaline crystal has potential difference, which can produce permanent weak current and produce “negative ions”. Because the tourmaline will produce permanent electricity, an electric field will be formed around it. The water existing in the electric field circle will be electrolyzed to produce the same “tourmaline negative ions” (different from the “artificial negative ions” forced by artificial electrical appliances) as the natural “negative ions” in waterfalls or forests. The “tourmaline negative ions” can solve the previously mentioned problems Health problems or water quality problems. “Tourmaline anion” not only has the effect of improving health and magic power, but also has a very powerful effect.

  • Natural Color Sand Safe Natural 100% Color Sand

    Natural colored sand

    Natural rock slices are mostly made of mica, marble and granite through crushing, crushing, washing, grading, packaging and other processes.

    The natural rock slice has the characteristics of no fading, strong water resistance, strong simulation, excellent sun and cold resistance, no stickiness in heat, no brittleness in cold, rich, bright colors and strong plasticity. It is an excellent partner for the production of real stone paint and granite paint, and a new decorative material for interior and exterior wall paint.

  • Glass Beads for Shot Peening and Cleaning of Surfaces

    Shot peening glass beads

    Industrial shot peening glass beads are used to clean and polish metal objects. Glass beads have good chemical stability, certain mechanical strength and hardness. Therefore, as an abrasive material, it has great advantages over other abrasive materials. It is widely used for sand blasting, rust removal and polishing of industrial machinery parts, polishing and cleaning of aircraft and ship engine turbines, blades and shafts. Industrial polishing shot peened glass beads, refractive index: 1.51-1.64; Hardness (Mohs) 6-7; Specific gravity: 6 g / 2-4 cm2; SiO2 content > 70%; Roundness: > 90%.

  • Glass Beads for Thermoplastic Road Markings

    Road marking glass beads

    Glass beads are used in zebra crossings, double yellow lines and night reflective devices of traffic signs.

    Glass beads surface type reflective glass beads and mixed reflective glass beads, surface type reflective glass beads is in the road marking construction coating is not dry, a certain amount of glass beads in the marking surface, by the effect of glass beads themselves force, part of the line into the marking coating, thus enhancing the reflective effect of the road marking. Inner reflective glass beads are suitable for road marking reflective coating, its main use is to use glass beads spherical reflective characteristics, improve the reflective performance of road marking coating. Make the line signs more eye-catching, thus improving the safety of drivers driving at night.

  • Vermiculite Horticultural 1-3mm 2-4mm 3-6mm 4-8mm

    Horticultural vermiculite

    Expanded vermiculite has good properties such as water absorption, air permeability, adsorption, looseness and non hardening. Moreover, it is sterile and non-toxic after high-temperature roasting, which is very conducive to the rooting and growth of plants. It can be used for planting, seedling raising and cutting of precious flowers and trees, vegetables, fruit trees, potatoes and grapes, as well as making seedling substrate, flower fertilizer, nutrient soil, etc.

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